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Empowering students to become confident and self-motivated by designing unique learning experiences and providing engaging courses to meet individual needs and abilities as well as connecting interests to learning.

Are you tired of fighting your kids to "do school"?
Do you know that public school isn't the answer but homeschooling isn't working either?
Ready to stop fighting and forcing learning and instead spark that passion and desire for it in your child? 

Welcome to the Freedom Education Academy
where we help families build learning experiences that are unique, exciting, and individualized to meet the unique needs, interests, and academic levels of our children.
We also offer our own homeschool courses including Master Your Mindset, American Sign Language and (coming soon) Entrepreneurship.

The Struggle is REAL

If you're struggling to inspire your child to embrace and enjoy learning, you're not alone. One of the biggest challenges in education, whether public, private, or home school, is apathy when it comes to learning. Even seasoned, experienced teachers and parents are being forced to find and try new methods.

However, we know from personal experience what motivates people. It's what motivates us: interest, excitement, and reward.  Think about it.  We don't, and won't, go to work if we're not getting paid. We don't put the time, effort, or energy into hobbies unless we're interested in them. Despite knowing this about ourselves we still have this expectation that kids need to go to "work" for something they don't have a connection to. The reality is most of us were motivated by fear and consequences when we were in school but honestly, society has made it difficult to enforce too many consequences and kids actually respond better to rewards anyway.

We have the SOLUTION!

​     It doesn’t matter how smart a kid is, how many awards they get, how many tests they can pass, if they don’t believe in who they are, or don’t have the tools to be resilient in life, then no amount of academics is going to make a difference in the world if that person eventually gives up on life.

     The Master Your Mindset course helps kids learn the skills needed to build self-esteem, understand emotional regulation, and empower their mindset through music, interests, knowledge and understanding of the mind, and more.

Parents : This course was creates specifically for parents to help you navigate through making the transition from a traditional education mindset to being able to really focus in on your kids individual needs and develop learning experiences that build  self-esteem, self-worth, and cultivates self-motivation. When you understand love languages, learning styles, and interest-based learning you can help your child THRIVE in education instead of feeling like they’re just surviving it.

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